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Frequently Asked Questions

 For exteriors you’ll need to paint every five to ten years, depending on factors such as where you live, climate and weather, and the previous paint job. Also, keep in mind that every surface will be a little different.

Although interior walls don’t require as much maintenance as your deck or siding, they still need to be repainted. How often? That depends on which surface and where it is in your home. Hallways and corridors should be repainted every two to three years, whereas a bedroom may only need a new coat of paint every decade.

Cracks in caulking, drywall, and plaster are additional signs it’s time to repaint. It’s one thing to want a fresh look for your home exterior, but it’s another if you find cracked caulking, rust, raw wood, or bare metal, or your paint is faded, blistering, or peeling.

All depends on what are we painting but mostly for interiors we use latex paint. They are generally better for the interior of homes and on large surfaces. Oil-based paints are generally used on metals, wood and for paintings.

Sherwin-Williams, known for their durability and excellent coverage. Famous worldwide, these well-established brand comes in various colors and finishes also Sherwin Williams has  a variety of product for every budget and need.

You will want between two and three coats of paint depending on the situation. After the first two coats are applied and dry, we’ll take a look to see if the old paint is showing through. if lots of paint is showing through, we’ll need to apply an entire third coat.

Under 40 degrees is to cold

As a rule of thumb, the best temperature to paint outside is 40 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, with an ideal painting temperature range of 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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